Sector Report on German railway markets pursuant to Sec. 78 of the Railway Regulation Act, Bonn, July 25, 2019

  • Railway sector suffers from poor punctuality and a poor condition of the network infrastructure.
  • Monopolies Commission recommends to make originators liable for delays (fault-based liability) and to revise regulation in order to enhance punctuality and to foster a quality-oriented modernization of the infrastructure.
  • Competition is an essential driver of quality enhancements. Strengthening competition requires to effectively decrease track access charges.

Policy Brief | Issue 2 | 24 January 2019

In its second Policy Brief, the Monopolies Commission speaks out against the re-expansion of the requirement for a Master Craftsman’s Certificate (Meisterzwang) to individual crafts that had been liberated from specific regulation in 2004.

  • From a competition policy point of view, an expansion of the requirement for a Master Craftsman’s Certificate is undesirable as it would establish additional barriers for the entry to the market and to the professions.
  • Ensuring quality and strengthening education in the crafts do not necessitate a Master Craftsman’s Certificate.
  • Economic considerations prompt constitutional objections about interference with the freedom of profession.

Download Policy Brief (in German language only)

Policy Brief | Issue 1 | 10 December 2018

In the first issue of its Policy Brief, the Monopolies Commission explains its proposals for a reform of the remuneration system for prescription medicines and opposes a ban on mail-order sales:

  • Price fixing for prescription medicines does not adequately take into account the regionally differing conditions for pharmacy supply.
  • Pharmacies should be allowed to grant discounts on regulated prices up to the amount of the co-payment of legally insured persons. Targeted additional measures can, if necessary, secure local supply.
  • The mail order business for prescription medicines contributes to the security of supply and should be retained.

The Policy Brief format will supplement the Monopolies Commission’s Main and Special Reports in the future. The aim is to present analyses and recommendations of the Commission in a compact form in the light of current events, e.g. upcoming legislative procedures. The Policy Brief is primarily addressed to political decision-makers, but is also intended to inform science, associations, companies and the interested public briefly about the Commission's positions.

Download Policy Brief (in German language only)