Special Report pursuant to Sec. 121(2) of the German Telecommunications Act, Bonn, 7 December 2015

  • The dynamic development of competition on the retail markets of telecommunications continues. The regulation of the vast majority of intermediate consumption remains indispensable.
  • Vectoring in the vicinity of the main distribution frames will accelerate the expansion of high-performance broadband networks. A technological monopoly of a single provider should be prevented.
  • Competitive pressure from innovative Over-The-Top services such as Skype or WhatsApp to be considered in regulatory decision making.

Special Report by the Monopolies Commission pursuant to Section 44(1)(4) ARC, 27 October 2015

  • Monopolies Commission considers as necessary a further alignment of the German competition penalty system to the EU rules.
  • Monopolies Commission recommends to supplement the current penalty system by a criminal sanction for serious cartel infringements, and a criminally enforced legal requirement for the preservation of capital.

Special Report pursuant to Sec. 62 of the Law on the Energy Industry, Bonn, 6 October 2015

  • Monopolies Commission sees significant risks in the concept of an „Electricity Market 2.0", which can have repercussions on market prices and the capacity level.
  • Monopolies Commission recommends various measures to reduce the necessity of grid extension.