Special Report by the Monopolies Commission pursuant to Section 44(1)(4) ARC, 1 June 2015

The Monopolies Commission has submitted a discretionary Special Report on competition on the digital markets to the German Federal Government and Legislature. The Report is entitled: "Competition Policy: The Challenge of Digital Markets". It contains an in-depth analysis of the market structure in selected digital markets from a competition-economic as well as a competition law perspective. In this Report, the Monopolies Commission follows up on its XXth Biennial Report from 2014, in which it has addressed questions of competition, data and consumer protection in the digital economy.

Main Report of the Monopolies Commission under § 44(1) ARC, 9 July 2014

The Monopolies Commission has submitted its XXth Main Report (Biennial Report) to the Federal Minister of the Economy and Energy. The Report is entitled: "A competitive order for the financial markets".

 Special Report pursuant to Sec. 44 of the Postal Law, Bonn, 16. December 2013

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