• Health insurance

    Health insurance

    The Monopolies Commission calls for strengthening competition to improve health care for the insured and to reduce costs. Continue Reading
  • XXIst Main Report

    XXIst Main Report

    The Monopolies Commission has submitted its twenty-first Biennial Report to the Federal Minister of the Economy and Energy. Continue Reading
  • Postal Services

    Postal Services

    The Monopolies Commission has submitted its ninth Special Report on the development of competition in the postal services markets. Continue Reading
  • Telecommunications


    The Monopolies Commission has submitted its Special Report on the development of competition on the telecommunications markets. Continue Reading
  • Energy


    The Monopolies Commission has submitted its Special Report on the development of competition in the markets of grid-bound electricity and gas supply. Continue Reading
  • Ministerial Authorisation

    Ministerial Authorisation

    The Monopolies Commission positions itself against a Ministerial Authorisation in the proposed concentration of Edeka/Kaiser's Tengelmann. Continue Reading
  • Railways


    The Monopolies Commission has submitted its fifth Special Report on the development of competition in the area of railway transport. Continue Reading
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Telecommunications 2015: Markets in Transition

Special Report pursuant to Sec. 121(2) of the German Telecommunications Act, Bonn, 7 December 2015

  • The dynamic development of competition on the retail markets of telecommunications continues. The regulation of the vast majority of intermediate consumption remains indispensable.
  • Vectoring in the vicinity of the main distribution frames will accelerate the expansion of high-performance broadband networks. A technological monopoly of a single provider should be prevented.
  • Competitive pressure from innovative Over-The-Top services such as Skype or WhatsApp to be considered in regulatory decision making.

Special Report on the reform of the German Competition Act

Special Report by the Monopolies Commission pursuant to Section 44(1)(4) ARC, 27 October 2015

  • Monopolies Commission considers as necessary a further alignment of the German competition penalty system to the EU rules.
  • Monopolies Commission recommends to supplement the current penalty system by a criminal sanction for serious cartel infringements, and a criminally enforced legal requirement for the preservation of capital.

Energy 2015: A competitive market design for the Energiewende

Special Report pursuant to Sec. 62 of the Law on the Energy Industry, Bonn, 6 October 2015

  • Monopolies Commission sees significant risks in the concept of an „Electricity Market 2.0", which can have repercussions on market prices and the capacity level.
  • Monopolies Commission recommends various measures to reduce the necessity of grid extension.

The Monopolies Commission is an independent expert committee, which advises the German government and legislature in the areas of competition policy-making and regulation. Its role and its competences are set out in §§ 44 - 47 of the Act Against Restraints on Competition (ARC) (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen, GWB).

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